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Mellow Swing, Latin, and Light Rock music

Tenor sax/Soprano Sax/Clarinet, Guitar, String Bass, Vocals

The Quiet Nights Trio was formed to meet the need for a sophisticated society band which can play mellow swing, Latin, and light rock music. We play tastefully and provide a wide variety of popular music. We play to the room. Your guests will always be able to converse and enjoy the event, because we are never too loud.

We offer a mellow and sophisticated sound, playing only the best and most popular hits of each era from a very large repertoire. For example, we play a variety of swing standards associated with Artie Shaw, Benny Goodman, the Dorsey Brothers, Glenn Miller and Duke Ellington. We also offer 50s rock selections, 60s Bossa Novas, and 70s pop, so we suit many age groups. We emphasize the melody and perform an occasional vocal.

Because we have no need for a piano or drums, and use a minimum of amplification equipment, we can set up quickly in the corner of a banquet room, living home, patio, deck, lawn, or even a stair landing. Since 2009, we have performed for garden parties, receptions, brunches, anniversaries, restaurants, conventions, club banquets, and fundraisers, all with positive comments.

Although our audiences have found us very danceable as a trio, we can also add one of our favorite drummers to make a dance band quartet if dancing is a major part of your program.