David Duthie

David Duthie

There is no substitute for live music. Live music elevates any event to the next level – it is the glue that holds everything else together, and its effect is much greater than the sum total of it’s parts.  Live music is always impressive to your guests and makes a great event even better.

If you’re involved in the planning of a function or party, or booking a group for a venue, you’ve already got your hands full.  The last thing you need is to be worrying about the band.  If you are searching for the perfect music for your event, you need look no further.

With over 30 years experience, I know how to take the worry and uncertainty out of the music part of your event.  You can count on our bands to be utterly professional at all times, to show up early, dress appropriately, and provide top quality entertainment with no hassles. 

In this website you will find groups that I manage, from duos to 7-piece bands, from background music, nightclub groups, to full shows.  Every one of them is committed to giving you a wonderful musical experience.  All the musicians on these pages are seasoned professionals, and we all have decades of experience and a huge repertoire of songs.  Most importantly, we enjoy what we do and we enjoy working together, and people can see that while we perform.  After all, music is supposed to be a fun, enjoyable experience.  That always shines through in our music.

 We invite you to look through this website, and we look forward to hearing from you!